Online Training


For Students and Professionals

✔ Log-on to e-Learning Platform-Website – in 2 minutes
✔ Self Study and Interact with a Live Presenter
✔ Save Time & Money
✔ Learn from Anywhere –  learn from home or work
✔ Get Certified

All you need for a Webinar

Can I Train my employees?

Training your employees is equally efficient!

✔ Reduce Training Cost- Save upto 50% – request a quote
✔ Save Time and boost Employee Productivity – learn from home or work
✔ Easily Train employees – Train upto 200 employees simultaneously
✔ Hands on Experience for employees – Share keyboard and mouse control
✔ Conduct Programs for multiple locations
✔ Learn in a secure environment – Ensure data privacy

For Corporates- for onsite option for training your employees – Discuss on Forum

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Webinar?

Super Skillz™ Webinar – Online training is a great way to learn without ever leaving your home or office! We use the world’s best online training E-platform to train you. Students and Professionals can interact with a live presenter to learn on a common elearning platform on a website. Plus, its a smart way to learn how online meetings are conducted worldwide.Learn the way the world does!


What do I Need for a Webinar?

You need a –

  • computer ( minimum 256 RAM  -desktop or laptop)
  • internet connection ( minimum 256 kbps – broadband is best)
  • headset and web-camera


I am not an expert in computers!

The Elearning website that we use is extremely simple! You don’t need to be an expert in computers. It’s an easy to use website. You can learn through the Course modules at your own pace.


So how does the Webinar-Online Training work?

Once you have registered for a course, you can login to You can access your course and its contents. Training Content includes module presentations and handouts in pdfs forms. You can start elearning from day 1. Online Training or Webinars are time-bound Live conferences (2 hours) with trainers and other trainees which are held regulary during the course (2- 3 times a week) with flexible dates and timings.  Trainings are extremely popular with all students. All course modules have assignments and assessments.


What are the dates and timings for Webinar-Online Training?

All courses have flexible dates and timings. Online Trainings are held 7 days a week at different timings.  Trainings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are extremely popular with all students. You can discuss your requirements with your trainer.


What is the Elearning platform ?

The e learning platform is an online interface to give you secured access to world class training content for self study mode. The website also has an integrated audio and video conferencing capability. It is an extremely popular and safe website software which makes Live Online Training as interactive and effective as in-Person Training. Super Skillz® provides the e-learning platform free of cost to Students and Tutors. Remember! the website is a platform to conduct Online Training. Super Skillz® registered Tutors / Trainers will be teaching and training you.


Great! How to start?

Kindly check course start dates (Training Calendar) and sign up for courses on You can contact course creators, to enroll in their courses. Trainings are scheduled by the course creators once you are familiar with the website.

Next Steps..

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